Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why buy Artisan’s Reliant Solar Water Pump™?

A: The Reliant provides a dependable supply of on-demand fresh water for livestock, farm, garden, pond and homes not tied to electric-grid power. The rugged Reliant pumps dependably to 400 feet; its simple and efficient motor is located above the wellhead for easy installation and maintenance. The sturdy down-well components are built for long pumping life.

Q: How much can I pump?

A: Model 102, designed for ranch and farm use and applications needing higher flow rates, pumps more than 3,800 gallons a day to 170 feet. Model 101 pumps 1,500 gallons a day to 400 feet.

Q: Is solar power feasible for my location? Outside the Sun Belt?

A: Most likely, yes. We have excellent success in latitudes as northerly as Casper, WY or Cedar Rapids, IA., often in lower-sun areas. Give us your location, hours of operation, depth and flow requirements, and we will provide you with solar choices and size a system that is right for you.

Q: Can it pump uphill?

A. Model 101 can pump to 400 feet at any angle to horizontal; Model 102 pumps to 170 feet.

Q: Will it work in winter?

A: Yes, depending upon location. The high-quality parts withstand extremes in weather.

Q: What components are standard in a complete system?

A: The above-well drive motor, solar panel, all downhole pump components and fittings.

Q: What size well hole do I need?

A: The well-casing diameter must be at least 2 inches and can be as much as 10 inches, with larger casings preferred.

Q: How does Reliant compare with competitors?

A: The Reliant is a serious, high-quality water pump. It is engineered to be the most dependable and durable pump in the market, with long life and low cost of ownership. Among critical components are Reliant’s ½" solid aluminum pump-head plate (not 3/8”), automobile-quality encased roller oil sealed actuator bearings (not slide bearings), patented Delrin® stuffing box and Delrin piston (not PVC plastic). Please compare.

Q: What sort of motor does the Reliant use?

A: Our drivers employ a category-best ¼-hp brushless motor.

Q: What kind of maintenance will I need? How often?

A: The Reliant system is built to last. Very little maintenance is needed other than simple lubrication in most environments. Unusually dry, dusty or extreme environments generally require more frequent lubrication. An auto-lube accessory is available. Extreme environments may require occasional above-ground seal replacements.

Q: How do I install the Reliant system?

A: We supply an installation and operations manual to walk you though the process. Installation usually takes two people 1.5 hours with common tools. Most systems come as a complete package. We do not dig the well.

Q: What can I expect when I open the box?

A: All components will be well marked and numbered for logical assembly using the installation and operations guide. You will use your own common tools.

Q: Can I buy the Reliant system in a store?

A: Send your inquiries to “Contact Us” on this website or call 800-469-4887.

Q: What accessories are available?

A: For a range of system accessories, click on “Accessories” on the left side of this page.

Q: What are the operating costs?

A: Solar power is free.

Q: How do I order the Reliant system?

A: Send your inquiries, along with location, well depth, flow needs and any special requirements, to “Contact Us” on this website or call 800-469-4887. PayPal and credit cards accepted.

Q: How long is the delivery time after ordering?

A: Delivery generally takes two weeks from payment approval. Special requirements may lengthen delivery dates.

Q: Is there a warranty on the Reliant?

A: We stand behind our products with a warranty for 24 months or 2 million pumping strokes.

Q: Who can help me if I need it?

A: You can find help at If further assistance is needed, call 800-469-4887.